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Making the Cut

By on March 25, 2014

The “Lady in Red” betrayed John Dillinger outside the Biograph Theater in Chicago. She marked the spot and G-men cut him down. While it didn’t work out too well for Dillinger, this system can be a boon to homeowners when faced with lining up cutouts in drywall with whatever it is they’re supposed to go around.

Often measuring, no matter how carefully done, misses the mark with regard to fit. Remeasuring and recutting is needed until it lines up and fits. There’s an easier, foolproof way which we will share with you today.

Just apply a little lipstick or crayon on the front edge of the electrical box or light switch you wish to surround. Then put the panel in place and push. As it squeezes against the box or switch, the color outline will “transfer” onto the panel. Just remove it, turn it over and (like the lady in red), it’ll tell you exactly where to cut.

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