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Make Your Garage Floor Look Neat

By on May 18, 2014

Is your garage floor an unsightly mess? Does it have splatters and stains that refuse to budge?

Learn how to make garage floors look neat without a coat of epoxy or paint. All types of garage floor coatings eventually fail due to hydrostatic pressure (moisture that seeps up through concrete from the earth below) building to as high as 11 pounds per square inch. The result is — eventually and inevitably– that it bubbles, and whatever is on the concrete separates unless it can breathe to let the pressure escape.

That’s where new garage floor tiles come in. Porous, quartz-based grout between each tile allows moisture to escape — and keeps a secure bond. Each 12 by 12 tile has a cushion back (for impact-resistance) and a tough skid-resistant surface for low maintenance and durability. Go to your favorite search engine and search for quartz tile for garage floors.

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