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Magnetic Cooling

By on January 3, 2014

Some thing new and “cool” in refrigerators is coming to a kitchen near you

While e-frigerators (mentioned earlier) still are questionable potential purchases, there is something definitely new and “cool” in refrigerators. It’s called “magnetic cooling,” and it might be coming soon to a kitchen near you. Today’s refrigerators are much improved over those of just a few years ago. For instance, in the ’70s, a fridge used 2,000 kilowatts of electricity a year. Today it’s one-fourth that, or less. Manufacturers also have improved (or are improving) everything from seals and gaskets to compressors. But they all still work basically the same way — recirculating ozone-damaging refrigerants.

Enter new magnetic cooling technology — so new, few have even heard of it. By comparison, a magnetic refrigerator using special metal that absorbs heat when exposed to a magnetic field is far more efficient than gas-compression models, and new advancements have made this a reality. It might well be the next big thing.

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