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Loan Interest On Home Improvements

By on February 1, 2015

It’s tax time again and lots of us are burning the midnight oil looking for every deduction possible.

First, there’s the Tax Reform Act of 1986 allowing us to deduct the interest on loans secured by one’s home.

Then, there are times when a new kitchen or bath or much-needed repair can also pay off in more ways than one. Indeed, if the home’s equity was used to pay for an improvement or repair, the loan interest can probably be deducted — lowering taxable income.

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Also, an improved or repaired home pays off again at resale time with increased buyer value. It pays off again if you remember to save all your receipts for the cost of repairs or improvement. Those dollars you spent increase the cost of your home, which in turn lowers capital gains, which means big savings when you sell your home. It’s why if you drive past the White House around tax season, you’ll notice even the president is up late adding up bills for painting and repairs. It’s true, you’d be surprised, you save a million here and a million there and it really starts to add up.

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