Show Notes: Live from CES – On the House

Show Notes: Live from CES

By on January 16, 2016

Live from Las Vegas and the Consumers Electronics Show 2016. The word of the day was “The Internet of Things” or iot. 

There were some many new innovations we just teased due to the fact they are not yet launched, and new products for just about every everyone, no matter the age. James was interested in home security and anything to make your home more connected and efficient. Morris was researching  new products that will launch later this year.

Thank you to our guests: 

Daniel Weng – Tricella  (pillbox):

David Keene – everyStory :

James West – Manything (video monitoring) :

James Lowe – Lifespan ( treadmill/desk):

Lenore Campos – Toto USA:

Pranav Kosuri – Flic (shortcut phone button): shortcut

TJ Evarts – Smart Wheel  (focus tool for new drivers):

Mack Dalley – Skydrop (landscape irrigation technology)

Jeff Lyman – Vivint (home security):

Victor Isaksen – aifi (stackable speakers)

Chuck Renolds- 1964 Ears (hearing technology):

Amina Said – Caseco (headphones)

Domingos Bruges – Muzzley (smart home management):

Bronwyn Flores – Cooridinator, Policy Communications CTA


doki – childs watch:

ZeroHour – Flashlight:

Pet Cube – WiFi Camera:











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