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Bulbs and Cams Shed Light on Burglars

By on April 15, 2014

The first burglar alarm in 1858 marked a transition from protecting property with lock and key to a more sophisticated means of foiling intruders. Today, alarms and security devices are everywhere.

One of the most popular, and economical, is a simple outdoor motion-sensor controlled bulb. When something moves, it lights. Some also trigger an audible alarm inside, letting you know something or someone is there. But what? Now thanks to new spotlight bulbs — with small video cameras in them — you can know for sure.

Sea view camera bulbs screw into any socket and transmit video signals over a home’s electrical wires to a decoder box plugged into a wall outlet that’s connected to a TV. This provides a continual or motion-sensor controlled view. It even works when the bulb’s not on. They offer indoor bulbs too. Want to check on baby or see what goes bump in the night? Now you can. Call (888)-727-SEVU.

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