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“Let’s Cut a Rug, Sam…”

By on February 14, 2014

The movie “Casablanca” opened in 1942. In it, Humphrey Bogart’s character was the owner of Rick’s American Cafe. He told his right-hand man, his buddy the piano player, to “play it again, Sam.”

In your workshop (Joe or Jane’s American basement or garage), your best buddy and right-hand tool is the utility knife. It contains several changeable blades — straight, hooked and a thin razor. Or special blades for cutting linoleum that can easily be replaced when dull or damaged, and that retract back into the handle for safety and to preserve their delicate cutting edges.

When buying a utility knife, purchase only the best. When it comes time to do anything from cutting carpet to trimming wallpaper, you’ll be ready. Let’s cut a rug, Sam.”

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