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Kitchens To Go

By on January 3, 2014

New European modular construction now brings us kitchens to go

The metric system was developed in France in 1795. Two hundred years later, it landed in the U.S., joining pricey perfume, haute couture clothes, and French cooking. We also inherited many European kitchen concepts, such as ultra-high-tech appliances and jazzy European cabinetry. All of this can be very expensive, which brings us to another hot new Euro trend making its way to our shores.

It’s the kitchen you own for life! How’s that, you say? In Europe, high-end appliances and good cabinetry are in great demand, but, as prices continue to rise, savvy Europeans have countered with modular thinking. They will pay even more for free-standing cabinets and appliances mounted on casters or set on feet that can be taken with them when they move! This way, spending thousands of dollars (or francs) per module makes more sense. Today, the kitchen of tomorrow just may be a kitchen to go!

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