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Kill the Stain: A Quick Paver Sand Stain FIx

By on February 14, 2014

PC is a bit different than just plain sand.

Here’s why: The components of polymeric sand vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but in general, the main ingredients are quartz and crystalline silica (sand) and a man-made polymer binder (a sort of proprietary glue). Sometimes good old-fashioned Portland cement is used instead of the man-made polymer.It’s this polymer/Portland cement that makes this sand so effective. It’s like mortar. It doesn’t blow out of the joint.

Because of the polymer, the sand mixture has a tendency to stain in the same way that regular mortar stains brick. If this problem occurs there is a fix. If the area is large or has had 24 hours to cure and set, scrub brushes should be used. Also, using vinegar as a release agent seems to work rather well when combined with the use of a bristle scrub brush. By the way, when more aggressive scrubbing appears to be needed the use of a janitorial buffer with a scrubbing attachment works beautifully.

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