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Keeping Your Marble Top Bowl Beautiful

By on March 11, 2014

One-piece-cultured-marble-and-onyx vanity tops (where the bowl is molded as part of the top) were once the rage, and still are quite popular.

While the top tends to remain looking good over time, frequently the bowl will suffer cracks or other unsightly flaws. A new bowl will rejuvenate the vanity area and can have a profound effect on the overall appearance of the bathroom.

You don’t need to replace the entire top. Simply replace the bowl with a new self-rimming model made of vitreous china, cast iron or acrylic. Use a jigsaw to cut out the existing bowl and seat the new one in a bed of silicone caulk. Since you’ll need to remove the existing faucet to perform this task, consider installing a new one. That’s sure to be the jewel in the crown.

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