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Keeping the Dust Out of the Domicile

By on April 14, 2014

TV’s “Barnaby Jones” debuted in 1973, featuring Buddy Ebson solving tricky mysteries. In one episode, two crooks were caught red-handed after cutting a hole in the ceiling of a bank and dropping in to steal the loot.

The problem was that there was no dust on the bank floor or on the robbers. If Barnaby couldn’t figure out how they did it, they were gonna get off scot-free! Barnaby went to work re-creating the crime and soon had the answer. The next day in court, he nailed the two perps!

So how’d they do it? First, they marked cut lines from below. They then drilled up through the ceiling at various points. One then sawed through the ceiling from above, following the drill hole guides, while the other stood on a ladder down below holding a large cardboard box against the ceiling (to catch any dust as it fell.) A “clean” get-away? Not this time! It was “case solved”, and an idea you can use too!

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