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Tips to Keep Your Home Safe From Break-Ins During Your Travels or Anytime

By on April 7, 2018
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According to Ooma (—a leading DIY home phone and security company—there are 6 basic inexpensive steps homeowners can take to deter and react to break-ins.


#1 Mind The Front Door

34% of break-ins occur at the front door. Install a smart doorbell that routes to your phone, and use tools like two-way speakers to give visitors the impression someone is home. Also install video cameras and view visitors on your phone, no matter where you are.


#2 When A Door Closes, Make Sure A Window Doesn’t Open

23% of break-ins occur through first-floor windows. Use classic sash locks to keep windows locked, and install wireless motion sensors to be alerted if a window is raised.


#3 Check Your A/C

A popular burglary entry point: pushing in a window A/C unit. Install motion sensors near window A/C units, and consider uninstalling window A/C units if you’re leaving town.


#4 Call 911 Remotely

Knowing someone is breaking into your house doesn’t help if you’re on a beach several hours away—unless you have a way to call 911 to your home’s local emergency dispatchers with a feature such as Ooma’s Remote 911.


#5 Beware Of Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are another popular entry point, as the locks are generally easy to pick. Install physical barrier bars in the tracks, and set up motion detectors in the vicinity.


#6 Keep The Lights On

Integrate light timers or smart lights that you can control with your phone to make your home look lived-in and deter break-ins.

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