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Keep Them Off! Several Methods of Bug Repellent

By on March 18, 2014

Soon we’ll be venturing outdoors again to work and play, night and day, in the sun and under the stars with lots of pesky little bugs ready to buzz, bite and sting us. There are things, however, we can do to protect ourselves. Here are some “swat” team maneuvers.

First, buy a good bug repellent. Find one you like, and apply it generously.

Then, don’t make yourself a target by wearing sweet-smelling cologne, hair spray or scented cosmetics that attract bugs — especially bees and wasps. Avoid wearing bright, colorful clothing; they make little stingers think you’re a big flower. Don’t even stand by someone wearing aftershave and a Hawaiian shirt.

When working or playing remember: perspiration reduces the effectiveness of repellents, so give give yourself another coat from time to time.

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