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Keep Your Door Still

By on July 25, 2014
house door swings open

Certain doors seem to be possessed, controlled by wee little devilish leprechauns and evil lock-out monsters. If you’ve got one of these in your house, here’s a tip you’re going to love.

The only tools you’ll need are a flat-blade screwdriver and a hammer. Always wear safety glasses to protect your eyes. Use the screwdriver to remove a hinge pin from the problem door — preferably the center one. Place it on a concrete surface, and tap it hard enough — up near the top — to slightly bend it. Then tap the pin back into the hinge with the hammer.

The bend in the pin will create just enough resistance to keep the door from swinging shut. You’ll be amazed at how your door now stays just where you left it. It’s the way to put any door in its place and keep it there.

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