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Insulating Without a Single Itch

By on April 29, 2014

When you mention working with insulation, some folks automatically start scratching. There are many types and forms of residential insulation for ceilings and walls that do boost R-values without an itch.

Then there’s fiberglass, a great product that makes some people itch. It is today’s most widely used insulation product. If you do choose to work with or around it, you’d best avoid skin contact. Play it safe to avoid itching.

First apply a generous coat of barrier cream or petroleum jelly on all skin surfaces to keep minute fiberglass particles out of pores. Then cover as much skin as you can. Wear a jump suit, gloves, heavy socks and a hat. Close off pant legs and sleeves with masking tape, and wear safety goggles and a well-fitting breathing mask.

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