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Installing New Gutters

By on March 26, 2014
Installing Gutters


We can’t get anyone to return our calls to get gutters installed. How hard is it to do it yourself?



Installing gutters is no easy task, but is manageable for “the mechanically handy,” and if working off a ladder isn’t intimidating. The toughest job is removing what exists. Prying out the nails that attach the gutter to the roof – in most cases – requires lifting the shingles to access the fasteners that need to be removed. A task that always has us wishing we had three hands. Many home repair and maintenance books thoroughly cover installation steps. You can purchase absolutely everything you need from one of the big box stores right down to the sheet metal tools and a pop-rivet gun. You will need two ladders and a helper – gutters are pretty long. No matter which material you choose you won’t need to solder (as in the old days). Liquid sealant and pop-rivets work every bit as well. New gutters can be installed with face nailing fasters that eliminate the need for fastening between roof sheeting and roof covering.

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