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Ice-maker Problems?

By on January 3, 2014

How to trouble-shoot an icemaker that isn’t making cubes

It’s Saturday, time to relax with a nice cool drink out on the deck. But, the icemaker’s on the blink. Here’s how to trouble-shoot an icemaker that isn’t making cubes. Before fretting about the cost of repairs, check the obvious. Is the wire arm in the up position?

If so, move it down to turn the icemaker back on. It’s problem solved that easily! If the problem is small cubes, check for a clogged water-supply line. If freezer temperatures are set too high, it causes problems, too, and icemakers don’t cycle properly. Set it at 8 degrees, or lower, for crisp, clean cubes. If these simple quick fixes don’t do it, it might be time for replacement. Icemakers typically only last six to 10 years. If you do go shopping for a replacement, be sure to take along the make and model number of your refrigerator.

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