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IBS/KBIS 2015: Roxul, Energy Efficient Insulation

By on January 31, 2015
Roxul Insulation

James Carey speaks with David Smith, of Roxul, at the International Builder Show 2015 (IBS) in Las Vegas. Roxul , the world’s leading producer of stone wool insulation made from natural stone and recycled slag, is used in both residential construction and renovation and commercial use.

David Smith demonstrates the features and benefits of Roxul’s products setting it apart in the insulation world – it is water-resistant, fire resistant and has better sound absorption than standard insulation.

Three sub brands under the Roxul name include:
• ROXUL SAFE’n’SOUND® (fire and soundproofing insulation)
• Comfort Batt (thermal home insulation)
• Comfort Board IS (rigid insulation)

See Roxul’s website for more information about our home insulation products – http://www.roxul.com/


Video produced and edited by Second Sight Video & Multimedia

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