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Homemade Drain for Fixing Roof Leaks

By on April 29, 2014

Roof leaks can be a real problem, especially if you’re waiting for a roofer and it’s raining cats and dogs. As your bucket starts filling up you think: maybe I need a 55-gallon drum. Not if you know how to make a special Carey Brothers’ emergency-roof-leak drain system.

All you need is a large plastic bottle, some duct tape and a garden hose. Cut the bottom off the bottle. When it’s upside-down, the top becomes a funnel. Then attach the mouth of the bottle to the garden hose with duct tape.

What you’ll have will look like a hospital I.V. When it pours, tape the funnel to a chair or ladder and put it right under the leak. Run the other end down a drain or outside, and your home will stay dry as a bone no matter how long it takes your residential roofer to arrive.

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