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Summer Home Improvements That Cost Less Than Your Smart Phone

By on May 5, 2018
summer home improvements

Summer brings the heat, but don’t sweat the cost when it comes time to do some of those summer home improvements.

Check out this list of projects that will get your home summer-ready for less than the cost of a smart phone!

Create your own summer breeze with a ceiling fan 

The total cost for a ceiling fan installation project depends on a few different factors. First, the cost of the fan itself is often the biggest expenditure, and the type and size of fan you choose will influence cost. A basic fan with no bells or whistles can cost as little as $50, but you can get bigger and fancier and still stay under $700. For example, a remote-controlled fan can cost as little as $130, and a wet-rated fan suitable for outdoor use can be as little as $100. You can hire a handyman to install your fan for about $60-$225 depending on how long and complex the installation is. Apart from a ceiling fan, you should also inspect your AC unit and make sure it’s ready for heavy usage during the summer. It may be time for an air conditioning repair technician to service or repair your AC unit. There is also a technician that can perform an ac repair in Stillwater, OK.

Stay cool with an attic fan 

 Attic fans cost, on average, about $300 to install. That includes both parts and labor. There are a variety of different options to consider, including some solar-powered fans that can save you a lot of money over time. Your cost may also include repair to your roof or attic walls caused while you or your contractor cuts through to install the fan.

Get a Better View With Clean Windows 

While you can clean your windows yourself, it’s probably best to let a professional handle it, especially if you live in a multistory house and have large windows. The number of windows you have and their size will determine how close or far from the average your project is.  Interior and exterior window cleaning for a home with 20 window panes has an average cost of $300-$400 but even the high-end price of $700 for thorough cleaning on a large home is less than the cost of the average premium smartphone. 

Refresh your interior spaces with carpet cleaning 

DIY carpet cleaning is simple and super cheap. The average price for a multiday carpet cleaner rental is about $50, and there’s essentially no limit to how much carpet cleaning you can accomplish. Professional cleaning is more expensive, especially if you’re planning to clean an entire house. The average cost for professional cleaning and stain removal in a 12’ by 18’ room tops out at $100, but if you have a large home, that cost will add up quickly. 



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