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Home Improvement Skills Every Grown-Up Adult Should Know

By on October 29, 2015
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How to install shelves on drywall

This process comes down to two simple steps: 1) figure out where your studs are (points at self. Winks in mirror), and 2) figure out what size anchors you’ll need. And you will need anchors. If you attempt to actually hang something slightly heavy on drywall without anchors, it will immediately fall out of the wall, break your stuff, piss off your landlord, and leave you wondering if this is a metaphor for all of your shortcomings. [See how it’s done]

How to replace an old shower head

You guys, it’s so easy! All you need is a wrench, a new shower head, and some teflon tape. Take the old shower head off, light it on fire, and throw it in the trash. Remove the old teflon tape from the shower pipe, apply a new layer of teflon tape to the shower pipe, and screw your new awesome rainfall shower head on. [See how it’s done]

How to properly hang a picture

There’s a right way and a wrong way to hang art, and you’ve probably been doing the latter. Start by measuring 57” up on your wall. This is where you’ll want the center of the picture to sit. Then, after measuring the size of the frame and where your nail will go, hang that art up like you’re the goddamn Guggenheim. [See how it’s done

How to fix your toilet

If your toilet is constantly running, making weird noises, or seems like it isn’t flushing to its full capacity, you could have a faulty system. The explanation on how to fix this would be incredibly long-winded to write out, but check out the link for an adrenaline-pumping video on how it’s done. [See how it’s done]

How to replace your old faucet

There are some things you should definitely call a plumber to fix… say your basement’s flooding, or a large water pipe broke. But replacing a faucet is no big deal, since most new ones include everything you’ll need to upgrade. If you have a wrench and access to YouTube, you can have this done in less than 30 minutes. [See how it’s done]

How to patch a hole in the wall

Scenario: you come home wanting a sweet piece of delicious cold leftover ‘za. You open your fridge and see the box. You open the box. It’s empty. Rage fills you up and you need an outlet. BOOM. You punch a hole in your drywall and then cry because your hand hurts and you have no pizza. Luckily, like your anger problem, the hole can be fixed. [See how it’s done]

How to paint a room (correctly)

Painting a room isn’t quantum physics, but knowing a few key pointers could save you hours of work. Do you have a drop cloth? Roller extenders? Painter’s tape? A screwdriver? That’s right, you’ll want a screwdriver. [See how it’s done]

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