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Historic Farmhouse Feel Becomes Real With A Like-Minded Pairing

By on September 30, 2017

SOCI sink

SOCI sinks

Collaboration is key when it comes to restoring a turn of the 20th century Craftsman to its period-specific look, while at the same time making significant improvements with up-to-date amenities.

That relationship is no more evident than the one between Carey Bros. Remodeling and Soci — which means partnership in Italian — as they work together to “take an old look and make it new again,” describes Leslie Dalton, Soci’s director of tile purchasing and marketing.

“We are simpatico in our market share,” she adds.

Both organizations have crafted their special niche, with Dalton noting how the Carey Brothers are “not a mass production builder,” and how Soci’s relatively small size allows for quick maneuverability when it comes to adding customer requested items to their inventory.

“We’re more in that boutique market, but we’re priced for the masses,” says Soci’s vice-president Kristi Pecoraro. “We’ve fine-tuned our manufacturing side, offering the best quality with a reasonable price point.”

“And, we have a lot of in-depth knowledge that we can apply to new product lines. We look for like-minded people to partner with,” Dalton adds. “This is a great partnership.”

The team effort has led to the installation of a two-bowl, farmhouse-style sink manufactured with premium fire clay due to its aesthetic appeal and longevity. The sink has a durable, hand-sprayed white finish, which resists both chipping and rust.

“It’s the best material you can get. It’s very thick, very heavy. It’s the old school way of making things… and it’s very reminiscent of the period,” says designer Carol Carey.

“It’s a very stylistic sink. There’s nothing hard-lined or contemporary. It’s a perfect selection,” Dalton adds.

The raw material used in the artisan fire clay process is more cost-effective for the consumer than the historically accurate, denser cast iron.

“What we do we do well. It’s a handcrafted product in a hand-selected line,” says Pecoraro. “This is not a machine-made sink.”

The sink’s double bowl and disposal features are modern conveniences that were unavailable for the early occupants of the catalog order, kit-constructed house that reportedly was among the roughly 600 bungalows that heralded from the nearby coal and copper mining communities in the early 1900s.

The other modern Soci element is its sturdy constructed, stainless-steel utility sink that Dalton notes is “subject to a lot of wear and tear over time” in the laundry room.

“You have to weigh your options. While it’s not indicative of the time period, durability and modernization win out in a less visible spot in the house,” she cites.

Soci also offers vitreous china and customized copper sinks, an extensive tile assortment, including: limestone, travertine, marble, glass, ceramic and porcelain, and swimming pool pavers and tiles.

For more information, visit www.sociinc.com. Follow the progress of the historic renovation by visiting www.604secondstreet.onthehouse.com.

SOCI sinks

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