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High-tech Vacuum Cleaners

By on January 3, 2014

Bigger motors move more air with better suction

You’ve seen them on TV, super-duper vacuum cleaners with tornado chambers, big motors and high-tech air filters that clean floors, room air and maybe your pocketbook. Technology has its price and you should think before you buy. If you have allergies or are very sensitive to dust, mold and airborne particles, any number of models with microfiltration or HEPA (high efficiency particle air) filters or HEPA-like filters are worth it. Look for one that eliminates the just-vacuumed smell in the air — which is dust and stuff. The next consideration is whether bigger, more powerful motors cost more to operate.

The answer is “not really.” Bigger motors move more air with better suction, which means better cleaning, and less vacuuming. Ultimately it saves on energy costs, with less stuff put back in the air to cause irritation and to pick up all over again. So if you choose a super-duper vacuum cleaner that’s powerful, airtight and micro-filtered, you’ll save time and money and feel better, too.

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