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Hi tech Washers and Dryers

By on January 3, 2014

Hi-tech washer/dryers now fight grime by “talking” to each other

Last month, you learned appliances are again talking to the Internet. Now, manufacturers have them talking to each other. A new washer/dryer dynamic duo now fights grime with communication. Once you enter basic info on the LCD screen — like color, fabrics and types of stains, thereon — the washer, loaded with intelligent sensors, further analyzes the laundry load.

As it scrub-a-dub-dubs, it shares its data with the awaiting dryer, which then presets cycles and temperatures for optimum clothes care and energy savings. No dummy itself, the dryer using its high-tech system, uses two motors for proper airflow and controlled forward and reverse tumbling. Using electronic moisture and temperature sensors, it prevents over- and under-drying.

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