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Hi-Tech Security with Vintage Styling

By on December 12, 2017

Schlage Home Security

For Carey Brothers Remodeling, one of the big challenges in authentically renovating and updating a historic 111-year-old bungalow was to carefully integrate a number of today’s beneficial technologies into the project without affecting the vintage appearance and charm of the original structure.

The century-old home, located at 604 Second Street in Brentwood California, is a modest 1,177 sq. ft. catalog design mail-order kit that was among 600 or so small houses constructed in a nearby mining community about 1906 – and it was later moved intact to its current location.

The challenge actually began right at the front door, as – back a hundred or so years ago – household security was not the important issue that it is today. In fact, it was not uncommon to leave doors unlocked or, in some cases, to not even have a lock at all.

Today, security is a major concern for homeowners and lock manufacturers have not only met the need to safely secure homes, but have also developed and incorporated a vast array of hi-tech features and benefits that extend both protection and conveniences to new heights only imagined until recently.

One such manufacturer is Schlage, a time honored leader in perfecting both locks and door hardware whose beginnings actually took place in 1909 – just about the same time the little 604 Second Street home was built – and when Walter Schlage patented his first invention: a door lock that also had the ability to turn a home’s lights on and off.

Still recognized as a leader in both the development and introduction of cutting-edge lock technologies – and with a rich history of locks through the years – Schlage was a logical place for Carey Brothers designer, Carol Carey, to start her search for just the right blend of new and old for this particular project.
“I found just what we were looking for in the blended technology and appearance of the Schlage ‘Sense’ Electronic Deadbolt,” she states. “It offered all of today’s latest touch-screen keyless innovations and was available housed in their ‘Camelot’ style trim that offered soft scalloped details with a rich Aged Bronze patina finish that was the perfect blend we were after.”

Beyond simply looking great, the new technologies provided a vast array of conveniences for homeowners, Robin and Mike McClellan, who could now not only eliminate the need for hard keys, but could also control and grant access for friends and family with just a few taps on their smart phone even while many miles away from home.

“We used the Schlage Sense Deadbolt locks on all five exterior doors,” notes Morris Carey,” and that included the main entrance… along with a Camelot Entry Handleset…, the kitchen door, the breakfast nook door, the master bath toilet room door and the entrance to the new highly upgraded garage.”

Carol Carey added, “And the style and color beautifully complemented the muted red front door and the old fashioned mail box perched on the wall next to it… it had all the charm and vintage appeal we were after… while still incorporating all of the latest hi-tech advancements in home security.”

“We couldn’t be more pleased,“ states Cristina Swift, Residential Account Manager for Allegion/Schlage. “We are excited and privileged to have the honor to showcase our newest technology and… being able to incorporate it with the restoration of this beautiful, historic home… is incredible.”

For more information, visit www.schlage.com. Learn more about the historic renovation by visiting http://604secondstreet.onthehouse.com.

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