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Heavy Wood Piano Support

By on September 6, 2015

Q. Two years ago I had a monster crane lift an humongous upright piano through my second floor sliding glass window. There’s no apparent reason to, but lately I’ve become paranoid that my grand old Bradbury might be too heavy for the floor to support. After all, I don’t think this 1900 wood frame house was ever intended to have anything so heavy as a piano in what was then a “master” bedroom. Please reassure me that I have absolutely nothing to worry about. Jim, M., North Quincy, MA.

A. Without more information such as the weight of the piano, the span of the room and the size of the floor joist, we cannot assure that there is nothing to worry about. What we can tell you is that, generally speaking, if the floor has not begun to sag and there is no evidence of other stress such as cracks in the walls or ceiling below after two years you can rest easy. Conversely, if any of these conditions do exist, enlist the services of a civil engineer to study the situation a make suggestions for an appropriate fix.

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