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12 Heating Safety Tips This Holiday Season

By on December 16, 2015

Tis the season for sharing stories of one very large and jolly man. He sports a red suit, white beard and black boots on his way to visit. Arriving on a snow-covered roof in his present-filled sled, his plan to slide down the chimney becomes real in little ones’ minds. The story never gets “old” even if you feel you’re getting there.

This time of year is also when cold weather creates a need for most families to look for alternative heat sources to help keep little elves of their own not only nice and toasty warm but most importantly safe. The National Fire Prevention Association reports half of home heating equipment fires are reported during the months of December, January and February. This just shows how important it is to have your heating equipment serviced by a heating repair professional.

Here are a few tips to remember this Holiday Season to keep your family safe when using traditional space heaters:

  1. Do not use extension cords
  2. Be sure to turn off when going to bed
  3. Never run without an adult in the room
  4. Place on a sturdy, level, nonflammable surface
  5. All combustible materials should remain at a safe distance
  6. Do not leave in the “on” position for an extended period
  7. Hot cords should not be placed under carpets or across doorways
  8. Allow heater to cool completely before touching as unit may be extremely hot
  9. Keep children at least three feet away from the hot grate by creating a “kid-free” zone
  10. Call in a heating repair contractor immediately if signs of discoloration occurs on any items in the heater’s vicinity
  11. Outlets should be periodically checked for signs of heat (dark marks) or a worn appearance caused by arching
  12. When using liquid based heaters, such as gas or kerosene, be sure you are using the right fuel and make sure the area is vented

Find more safety tips by visiting www.nfpa.org and remember our friends at SUNHEAT International create a safe alternative to traditional space heaters in a zone heating system you and your family can depend on. It is built here in the USA and is backed by an unprecedented five-year warranty. The Original SUNHEAT is safe to operate around children and pets, can be left on for days, weeks or even months on end is still the only infrared heater to turn back on after a power outage and is backed by a family-owned and operated company.

Watch the video of Fire Chief Jason Schliep explain how SUNHEAT Can’t Catch Fire and get an exclusive Carey Brothers offer, including a free gift, by using the code USA at checkout at www.sunheatusa.com.


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