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Hanging Pictures

By on March 25, 2014

“Masterpiece Theatre” made its TV debut in 1971. It brought art and culture to American television. If you’ve recently purchased a painting or paintings to add a little art and culture to your home, you’ll want to hang them properly.

First, determine how high you want your works of art. Experts say the center should be about eye level and no more than six- to eight inches above pieces of furniture. And, as for how best to “support the arts” and as for what goes on “behind the scenes,” experts don’t recommend ordinary nails. Instead, they opt for super-thin European nails made of hardened blue steel. They hold without damaging soft wallboard.

To prevent damage to wallpaper, cut a small “V” and peel it back before nailing. Finally, when hanging a group of pictures, cut same-size paper templates and arrange them on the floor. Then transfer them for final placement before marking and nailing.

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