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Hanging Heavy Stuff?

By on July 28, 2014
Hanging Picture Frames

The original “Star Trek” made its debut in 1966. For 79 episodes, the crew of the Starship Enterprise went “where no man had gone before.” For these voyagers, “space” was good. But for a homeowner, hanging things on drywall “space” is not. Nails need to hit a stud, but studs never seem to be where you need them. Instead we use hollow wall anchors to solve the problem.

There are three basic types to choose from: Common plastic anchors expand as a screw goes in and provide support only for lightweight items. Screw-in auger-type anchors are stronger and will support more weight. Strongest of all are toggle bolts with spring-loaded “wings” that pop open inside the wall. These wings act as a clamp as you tighten the screw. However, even toggle bolts fail if the weight you’re hanging is too heavy. To prevent pulling through the drywall, try distributing the weight over more anchors. 

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