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Handy Home Improvement Apps

By on April 21, 2018
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With smartphones being the norm, it would only make sense to have an app that helps you with your home improvements. Check out some of the favorites from the app store. Know of any others or have comments about these ones? Let us know in the comments below!




With iFixIt, you will be able to use this DIY-oriented app to work on do-it-yourself repairs. You can choose from repairs to teardown guides for several device categories. These include tablets, smartphones, furniture and household appliances. With these guides you can go through the process of breaking open devices, reviewing problems and making repairs. This allows users to diagnose problems and make repairs. With these featured guides, you can browse categories or device models and look through teardown or repair guides from within the app. You can also buy parts or tools from the iFixIt online store.

DIY Tip Genius


The Family Handyman magazine provides you with DIY and home improvement tips within its DIY Tip Genius App. This provides you with techniques, guides and secrets. It is designed for both the iPad and iPhone with 300 ideas and tips or 1800 ideas for $5. Users can review the tip of the day, review random tips and mark their favorite suggestions by category. These are useful tips and projects that you can use for household needs. If you are looking for more ideas and tips, you should listen in to the scheduled podcasts online.

iHandy Carpenter


The iHandy Carpenter app is available for iOS users at $1.99. This app uses your iPhone or iPad’s built-in sensors to transform your device into a set of different handy tools. Use the bubble level bar and surface level to help you check flat surfaces. You can also use the plumb bob to check the verticality of walls. With the steel protractor, you can measure angles of up to 180 degrees. Additionally, you can use the onscreen ruler that enables your smartphone to make small measurements in inches and centimeters.

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