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Hand-truck Maneuvers

By on January 3, 2014

How to wrap, cover and tape to protect your home from bumps and scrapes

In an instructive “Honeymooners” episode, Ralph Kramdon was bringing home a new refrigerator. Always careful and thorough, Ralph covered the side rails of his rented hand truck with foam-rubber pipe insulation. He then put down pieces of cardboard on everything on the way to his fifth floor apartment — the fridge’s destination. With the fridge strapped in place, he slowly inched his way up each stair toward his goal, knowing he would scratch neither walls nor the flooring along the way (or his shiny new refrigerator).

He was huffing and puffing as he reached floor five when his buddy Norton suddenly arrived. “Hey Ralphie need some help?” “Yeah, give me a hand, Ralph replied.” After a half-hour with the refrigerator only halfway through the door, Ralph said, “we’ve never going to get this thing in.” “In?” cried Norton. “I thought we were taking it out.” So much for planning.

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