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Gutters for Storage: One Man’s Trash

By on May 13, 2014
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“Sanford and Son” debuted on TV in 1972, with Fred and his son Lamont running a junkyard. They consistently proved that “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” You can, too… with a little creative thinking and ingenuity.

For instance, when you have new rain gutters installed, don’t throw away all those scrap pieces and parts! Instead, turn your rain gutter left-overs into clever workshop time- and space-savers.

Here’s how! First, mount a short length of gutter, complete with end caps and corners (if needed) wherever you’d like an extra wall shelf to hold various bottles and spray cans. Mount one on the sides of your workbench, too, to serve as a handy tool and parts holder or dust bin where you can sweep sawdust and scraps.

If you also have part of a left-over downspout, mount it sideways on the shop wall. They make great storage tubes for small lengths of trim, dowels and tubing. Rain gutter scraps? Use ’em now… or save ’em for a rainy day!

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