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Grill Turnover: Clean your Grill Mess Quick

By on March 5, 2014

You’re having a big holiday cookout today? And your grill is a mess? The lava rocks are all greasy? Today you’ll learn how a barbecue “turnover” helps when you’ve invited the gang over.

Before you start scraping and brushing or dumping your lava rocks, try this easy fix. From deep within the Carey Brothers’ vault, we “turn the table” on grease and goo.

If your grill is a mess — all loaded with crusty barbecue sauce — just wrap it in aluminum foil with the shiny side in, then close the lid, and “cook” on high for 15 minutes. Turn the greasy lava rocks over, too. Soon your grill will be able to be easily rinsed or brushed and will look like new. The grease will have cooked right out of your lava rocks, too.

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