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Glue Tips / Big and Small

By on December 31, 2013

 Helpful tricks for applying glue

When Elvis recorded his first song in 1954, nobody thought he (or it) would stick. 450 songs later, he was dubbed “The King”. If you’ve got a household repair or project that you want to make sure ‘sticks’, too, here are a few insider tricks you can do!

Got a long, fine crack in a piece of wood that you want to glue? To avoid having to spread it farther apart to get glue into the crack (and thus risk having it split even more), just pull unwaxed dental floss through a dab of glue, then through the crack to transfer the glue. When enough is in place, clamp it and let it dry.

To evenly apply glue to large surfaces, cut a piece of one-inch diameter foam pipe insulation and slip it onto a four-inch paint roller frame. Then roll it on smoothly and evenly where needed. When you’re through, simply toss the insulation!

With no muss, no fuss, and little expense, you too can be the undisputed King of Gluing.

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