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Glass Blocks

By on May 22, 2014
Glass Block


Forty years ago, or so, the glass block was very popular. Now it’s being used all over. I even see it in TV sets. How can I find out any other information about these glass blocks? I would like to put them at the end of my bathtub.



Actually, the glass block never really left the scene completely. A trip that we made through several remodeled Beverly Hills homes about five years ago proved that to us.Unfortunately, glass blocks are as expensive as they are beautiful, but that doesn’t seem to stop today’s homeowner. We are seeing more and more requests for the cute little buggers with each month that passes. We suppose that does mean that they’re “in Vogue” again.The West Germans (Solaris Company) boast the largest glass block plant in the world. They make 12 different styles of block that are available in four different colors. You can also check Quality Glass Block and Window or Seves Glass Block.

Ask for technical services for information on how to purchase an installation kit or to get the name of a contractor who can do it for you.

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