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Gerber Offers Form And Function In Bathroom Décor

By on August 29, 2017

Gerber Logan Square

When it comes to selecting certain features and finishes for an historic home remodel, functionality and the need for modern and easy-to-clean finishes may precede form.

Gerber, a leading plumbing fixture manufacturer, offers toilets, bathroom sinks and accessories that can be as appealing in a turn of the 20th century bungalow as they are in a modern contemporary home.

“Gerber products provide both builders and consumers with peace of mind knowing that their installed products will offer peak performance, superior longevity and timeless design. Gerber has been a staple in the plumbing fixture business for almost a century. It seems only fitting to pair a legacy brand such as Gerber with this special home, which represents a unique piece of the history of American housing,” says James Carey of the Carey Bros. Remodeling team.

Referring to the selection of a skirted toilet, vice president of marketing Kevin McJoynt calls it “the trifecta,” combining beauty, conservation – with its EPA WaterSense certification – and quick to keep clean, given its streamlined design, including a proprietary, sleek, fully glazed, concealed trapway.

“In the scheme of a renovation, frankly it’s a small speck on the radar. These are very utilitarian products. They’re there for a reason, but we can make them beautiful. They can add to the décor of a room,” he says.
“It’s a very, very pretty product. It’s a perfect choice.”

Gerber Avalanche

And, notes McJoynt, the toilet, with its 10-year warranty, clog and leak-resistant, optimal power and speed in flushing and thorough bowl rinsing capabilities, “is still going to perform at a high level.”

The Carey Bros. Remodeling team chose Gerber’s high-end Avalanche product, which McJoynt says is “hitting a big trend in the toilet world.”

“It has a clean, almost contemporary look, but it will go perfectly with the period fixtures,” says designer Carol Carey, describing the home at 604 Second Street in Brentwood, Calif.

The 85-year-old family business, founded in Kokomo, Indiana, Gerber deals exclusively with plumbing contractors and building professionals, thus their products are not available in retail outlets, offering a feeling of distinctiveness.

“We love the Carey Brothers because they roll up their sleeves. They’re in doing the work, and they relate to the homeowners, giving them what they want,” adds McJoynt. “That’s why we gravitated to this project.”

The Carey Brothers’ choice to pair complementary plumbing fixtures, including installing a Logan Square pedestal sink, is reflective of such top-notch responsiveness to customers’ historical period-specific aims.

In this instance, the home is a catalog order, kit-constructed home that reportedly was among roughly 600 bungalows that heralded from the nearby coal and copper mining communities in the early 1900s.

“The pedestal lavatory for the hall bathroom is a piece that is very reminiscent of the 1910 era, and fits beautifully,” says Carol Carey.

“The combination of the toilets and sinks takes the best of the historic feel, while updating and making it today’s traditional,” adds McJoynt.

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