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Gerber and Danze Meld Modern Day Convenience with Historic Charm

By on May 20, 2018


Carol Carey:

A big part of any home construction, restoration or remodeling project lies in the finest details of style, functionality and reliability of its plumbing product – faucets, sinks, showerheads, toilets and accessories. That’s why we turned to Danze and Gerber for these critical pieces in the restoration of 604 Second Street. 


Water saving

  • All products conserve water and meet the strict usage regulations of the state of California, and many of them are WaterSense certified, which ensures high performance even at a lower water flow or psi. 
  • The master bath features both traditional and hand-held showerheads that adhere to stringent California water conservation requirements. The shower valves are manufactured with scald-resistant technology and durable, tight seal ceramic disc valves for dripless performance. The steady stream of water — even at low pressure, at a rate of 2.0 gallons per minute and an optimal 80 pounds per second — has five settings, including a massage feature, with easy to clean jets to avoid mineral deposits.

Comfort and ease of operation

  • The Gerber Avalanche two-piece concealed trapway. Gerber’s Avalanche line is known among professionals and homeowners alike for its flushing performance and reliability.
  • Luxurious shower experience – a showerhead and a handheld shower on a slide bar. The combination provides convenience and flexibility and showcases the beautiful traditional styling.
  • The design reinforces a traditional décor, while the pull-down featured adds functionality and ease to the sink area. 
  • The detachable hand shower moves up and down a slide bar for ease of use and to accommodate an individual user’s height and preference.
  • The quarter-turn, lever-style sink faucets are easy to operate – even for those with sensitive joints.

Vintage-feeling finishes

  • Staying true to the historical nature of the property
  • Maximize space and style- The Logan Square pedestal sink is a great space saver while adding unique traditional flare to the room.
  • The mix of Danze and Gerber products, a variety of styles and quality in each piece provided is making a significant impact on the beauty and reliability found in the kitchen and bathrooms of the home. 

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