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Garbage Disposal Booster

By on January 3, 2014

Under-sink repairs – part one: Give your work a lift

Making repairs under your kitchen sink is tough work. It’s a dark, cramped, hard-to-get-to and uncomfortable job. Today, in part one of under-sink repairs we cover a garbage disposal booster. From deep within the Carey brothers vault of giving your repair work a lift, we bring forms of support — with a new twist.

When you’re replacing a garbage disposal, one of the hardest parts of installing a new one is holding up the heavy disposal unit while you try to line up and tighten the ring nut that holds the whole thing together under the sink. The easy solution? Instead of struggling and getting sore arms strained shoulders and an aching back, go out to your car, get the jack from the trunk and place it under the garbage disposal. Boost it into position where it will stay in place until you get things hooked up.

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