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Garage Door Replacement Top ROI Project During National Curb Appeal Month

By on July 17, 2018

garage doors and curb appeal

From the top of the roof down to the grass on the lawn, the curb appeal of a home is determined by many things — including the garage door. During National Curb Appeal Month in August, the experts at Haas Door share tips for enhancing a home’s curb appeal by adding a new garage door.

“Many homes have the garage door located right on the front of the house exterior, making it a focal point for curb appeal,” says Jeffrey Nofziger, president of Haas Door. “Even if your garage is located on the side of your house, remember that it’s the first thing you see when entering your home. ‘Side of house curb appeal’ can be just as important as the front of the home when considering your garage door.

“Wherever your garage door is located, you have a wide variety of ways to increase the overall value and attractiveness of your home by making a smart upgrade.”

garage doors and curb appeal

High ROI for Garage Door Replacement

During National Curb Appeal Month, Nofziger reminds homeowners that replacing an older garage door is not just good for the look of a home, but for their wallet as well.

“The 2018 Cost Versus Value Study coordinated by Remodeling magazine shows that a garage door replacement has the highest cost recoup the value of any home improvement project,” says Nofziger. “This project actually comes in with a whopping 98.3 percent cost recoup, which is incredible.

“Homeowners looking to add resale value to their house while driving up curb appeal can certainly benefit from replacing an older garage door. In today’s marketplace, there are many options for garage doors that complement an overall home style. Whether selecting a steel door with embossed wood grain, decorative glass windows for privacy, or a stunning two-tone color American Tradition Series door, there is an abundance of ways to add curb appeal with a new garage door.” You can consult an expert like Midwest Garage Builders if you’re planning to remodel.

Selecting a New Garage Door

For homeowners trying to decide on the “best fit” of a new garage door, Nofziger offers five easy tips:

Tip #1Step back. Before selecting a garage door stand by the street and look at the home overall. Now, think about the style of the home exterior, the colors on the house and the textures. Determine what kind of garage door would look best — smooth or woodgrain — and what color or texture would best complement the home’s overall exterior.

Tip #2 Light or no light? Decide if a solid garage door or one with windows that allows light into the garage works best for the home. If choosing windows, look at the style of windows on the front side of the home (including the grids) along with windows in the front door. Then, look for a garage door with similar window styles. For example, if a home has lots of small window panes, then look for garage door windows with grids that replicate the look of smaller panes of glass. Homeowners can also select specialty glass or decorative glass options that allow light into the garage while protecting their privacy.

Tip #3Be practical. Select a garage door that can handle weather conditions for the specific geographic area of the home. For instance, a 5000 Series door can stand up to Mother Nature, even in Florida conditions, with its corrosion-resistant aluminum, thick insulation, and weather-resistant paint finish.

Tip #4Stand out … or stand back? Homeowners need to decide if they want their garage to be a stand-out focal point when looking at the house or if they want it to blend in with the home’s style. There’s no wrong answer. Oftentimes a stand-out door, like one in an elegant Craftsman style with a wood-grained finish, can add visual dimension and appeal to a home exterior. Or, a door in a painted bronze color can stand out beautifully against a stone veneer home facade.

Tip #5Think of the future. A garage door selection is one that should last many years for a home. So, look below the beauty of the surface to choose a low-maintenance door made of aluminum or steel that has a strong warranty and will provide years of beauty with minimal upkeep.

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