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Front-loading Wash Machines

By on January 3, 2014
Front-Loading Washing Machine

They need special attention from you

It is said “what goes around comes round.” Front-loading wash machines are no exception. While today’s high-tech, electronic-laden front-load models are more expensive, they’re far more efficient in many ways: They wash clothes better due to their tumbling action as opposed to agitators. The tumbling action is gentler on clothes. And, in addition to using a third less water, they use a lot less electricity.

There is, however, a downside. New front-loaders use a different type of low-foaming laundry detergent. It’s needed because there’s less water to rinse it away. And, excess suds can reduce the tumbling action. If you’re using one of the new front-loading washers, be sure you use detergent specially formulated for it. If you have trouble finding front-loading detergent, contact the washing machine manufacturer or call your favorite brand’s toll-free consumer hot line for advice.

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