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Flushing the Odor Down the Drain

By on April 23, 2014

Candice Bergen played Murphy Brown, host of “FYI,” a hard-hitting, fact-finding, news magazine show. She was intelligent about some things yet sometimes clueless about others — like the morning she woke up and said: “What’s that smell?”

Following her nose to the laundry room, she discovered the odor was strongest there. It was nasty sewer gas, seeping up and in through a drain in the floor.

And because the drain was rarely used, the water held in the p-trap (that s-shaped bend in the drain line that acts as a barrier and holds back sewer gas) had slowly dried up over time. It now was allowing gas to escape back into her home, causing an extremely unpleasant odor. The answer? Pour water into the drain!

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