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Flooring: Floor Leveling With Screw Jacks

By on August 27, 2016
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Q. What do you think about the use of screw jacks? If you agree with the use of the jacks, do you know of a location where they could be purchased second-hand in the Greater New Orleans area? We live in Metairie, a suburb of New Orleans. Thank you for your time. -Jim & Sylvia B., E-Mail Metairie, LA.

A. Screw jacks are an excellent alternative to rigid underpinning for a home which frequently shifts due to soil conditions; expansive soil or unusual hydration. Screw jacks can be adjusted to periodically level the floor. This will help to avoid cracks over windows and doors and to avoid them from sticking. Screw jacks are used between the piers in the crawl space the girders that support the floor framing in lieu of solid wood posts. Floor leveling with traditional solid wood underpinning is more complicated and time consuming as either shims must be installed or posts removed and cut down. Go for the screw jacks. We don’t know a specific outlet in your area that carries second-hand screw jacks, however, new ones can generally be found at a local hardware store, home improvement center or nail and tie specialty supplier.

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