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Fixing Floors Following Flooding

By on February 19, 2014

For years many parts of the country were plagued by drought. And many of those same areas are threatened with rain storms and flooding.

Here are a couple of tips for those wet emergencies: If a roof leak develops, drill a hole in the ceiling to reduce damage to the ceiling-cover material and to create a collection point for the leaking water. A soaked hardwood floor should be squeegeed as soon as possible after the water has been removed and slowly dried to reduce the chance of warping.

Trying to remove soaked carpets will almost certainly result in tearing. First, remove excess water with a wet-dry vac or a carpet-cleaning machine. The pull the carpet back and remove the pad. Use a fan or a blower to dry the area out. In most cases the carpet can be reused, but the pad will have to be replaced. If you need help cleaning your home after a flood, you may hire a flood damage cleaning company.

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