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Fix Your Porch and Driveway Cracks

By on May 18, 2014

Newspaper Carrier Dayhonors 10-year-old Barney Flaherty, the nation’s first newsboy (1833). It’s also a good day to check your porch and driveway when you bend over to pick up your newspaper.

Are your porch steps cracked or broken? Are edges missing? If so, remove any loose material, rinse and coat with concrete bonding agent. Force concrete patch material into wood-step forms, smooth with a trowel and let dry overnight.

For small driveway cracks, use an emulsified asphalt sealer.For larger cracks, use asphalt-caulking compound.

And for big splits (more than a half-inch), make a paste of sand and emulsified asphalt sealer. For potholes and missing chunks, fill with an asphalt cold-patch material. Catching problems early is helpful. To get better results or for larger projects, you may hire a reliable asphalt contractor.

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