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Firing-up Gas Ranges

By on January 3, 2014

How to check and renew…pilot lights and igniters that won’t do what they do

It’s time to be acutely aware of various fire dangers in and around your home. One that often is overlooked (until it’s too late) is the proper firing-up of your kitchen gas range. Burners are lighted in one or two ways — either by tiny continuously burning “pilot lights” or by the newer electric igniters that create a spark to get things going. When neither type works as it should, accumulated grease and small food particles are the usual suspects.

Pilot lights can be rejuvenated by first removing any visible obstructions, and then clearing with a straight pin. Be careful not to damage or enlarge the hole. With all burner controls off, relight with a match. For electric igniters, after checking the power, clean the electrodes with a soft cloth, then test. Mrs. Oleary’s cow kicked over a lantern, and started the great Chicago fire of 1871. It burned 18,000 buildings and left 100,000 homeless. Fire prevention — it’s a must.

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