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Firewood Basics

By on May 24, 2014
firewood - terms and where to stack, arbor day

Did you know that heat from firewood is energy from the sun? And that all firewood contains water? Today we’ll amaze you with these and other facts as we answer burning questions about firewood.

Through photosynthesis trees capture solar energy and convert it to chemical energy. By burning wood for heat, we reverse this, and, thus, heat from firewood is in reality heat through the energy of the sun.

Firewood contains water, too — as much as 45 percent, if fresh cut. Dry wood contains only 20 percent to 25 percent. This explains why dried wood burns clean and hot while green wood smokes and produces creosote (acid resin-filled moisture that coats the chimney).

It takes six months for wood to dry; that’s called “seasoning” and it can be ruined by bad storage. For best results store it off the ground, protected from the elements, and away from your home (it attracts termites). In the end, firewood and the glow of a warming fire are one of nature’s most beautiful gifts.

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