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Fireplace Not Drawing Right? “Suck It Up”

By on May 9, 2014

Got a fireplace that just doesn’t draw right…with smoky back-draft that ruins your night? Learn how a chimney fan can help you clear the air!

Here’s what to do: From deep within the Carey Brothers vault of “holy smoke” my chimney’s broke!?, we bring warning: “Indoor air pollution is not a joke!” Indeed, it says here that when the chimney or flue of any wood- or gas-burning fireplace doesn’t draw right, it’s not only uncomfortable, but dangerous! Indoor air pollution and carbon monoxide fumes are not to be ignored.

This problem can be easily corrected by adding a top-mounted chimney fan with a variable-speed motor controlled from your room. That not only corrects the problem, but also provides year-round ventilation to remove odors and exchange room air when needed. Fireplace doesn’t draw right? “Suck it up” with a chimney fan!

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