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Fire in the Freezer?

By on January 3, 2014

An orange glow in your freezer? Fire danger or is something ready to blow?

While actor Raymond Burr who played TV’s Perry Mason was great at solving mysteries in the courtroom, he was no super-sleuth at home. In one episode, after opening his freezer, he was shocked to see a bright orange glow. He called a repairman. “Is it on fire or ready to blow?” the puzzled Perry inquired.The repairman soon arrived and went to work.

First he noticed that the freezer’s light bulb was burned out. But what was on fire? Then the freezer defrost heater kicked on causing a bright red glow. Perry had never seen it before because the bright light bulb always washed it out. Now that it was dark inside, it glowed bright red — the very color of Perry’s face as he received a bill for 80 bucks.

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