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Filter Air to the Fullest

By on April 15, 2014
Air conditioner

Spring is here and soon we’ll open our homes to fresh air and the great outdoors — unless you’re one of the millions who suffer from allergies. Then, switching from winter to spring just means another type of airborne trouble. Instead of mold, dust and nasty flu viruses, you now have new molds, more dirt and pollen from outside to deal with.

Most homes use forced-air heat; thus, during winter, inside air is cleaned more than usual as it’s heated, circulated and filtered. But you can clear the air even more by running only the blower fan, even after room temperatures are up. This way, filters keep on working, which is good if you have pets or a big family, and especially after vacuuming.

Remember to change filters often, too. The same goes for warm weather months. For cleaner air, keep doors and windows closed. Run the blower fan, change filters often and you’ll breathe easier this summer.

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