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Fiberglass Insulation Tips

By on February 22, 2014

Working with fiberglass insulation? Better rent an astronaut ‘space suit’ or listen up. Today you’ll learn how to reduce the itching so you won’t be complaining. No matter how much protective clothing you wear and how overly careful you may be, you can be assured of pervasive particle intrusion (also known as itching!)

First, apply generous amounts of baby powder to any and all exposed skin; then, when it’s time to clean up, carefully rinse off with a garden hose before scrubbing with soap and water. Almost all glass fibers will simply rinse away.

Then, after a follow-up scrub with soap, if a few pesky fibers remain, don’t scratch! Dab them out with a piece of duct tape instead. With baby powder and duct tape, you’re well on the way to being 99% fiber-free!

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